3 Myths about Radon Exposure and Testing

Radon in the Table of ElementsStudies have shown that exposure to radon in homes can increase the likelihood of acquiring lung cancer. That is the reason why, according to¬†Aerolite Group, radon testing in Salt Lake City is highly advisable to ensure one’s safety. What are the health risks associated with radon exposure? Is there really a need for radon testing? Here are some of the myths about radon exposure and radon testing.

Myth 1: Radon exposure is not serious.

Although scientists are in constant disagreement on whether exposure to radon can cause death, all major health organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention agree that radon causes several preventable lung cancer mortality each year. This holds true with smokers since cigarettes emit chemicals such as radon.

Myth 2: Radon tests are costly.

Another myth that surrounds radon and radon tests are the fees. A preliminary radon test can be purchased for as little as $15. Although cheaper short-term tests may be less accurate than others, it will at least give you a rough estimate of the radon levels inside your home. Preliminary tests usually take around two to seven days to complete, and they are not overly complicated to do.

Myth 3: You cannot fix radon problems at home.

There are ways to fix your radon problems at home. In fact, the cost of fixing them is almost the same as other typical home repairs. Get in touch with a local radon office to help you identify the qualified mitigation contractors within your area.

Exposure to radon can be a serious problem if you are not careful. You may want to consider purchasing a testing kit or hiring a professional who knows how to deal with your problem. It is always important to put your health on top of everything else before you regret it in the future.