How to Prepare for Studying Abroad

Students studying abroadTravelling abroad for your studies can be an exciting experience. However, you must prepare adequately to make it easier to settle in the new country.

Sorting out your student accommodation should be your priority before you jet out of the country. When it comes to housing for students in London, you have many options. To avoid overpaying or settling in poor environments, find student hostels that are listed on the university approval list and have good reviews. Once you have decided on your accommodation, follow these tips:

Travel Preparations

Get your travel documents in order and ensure that your passport and visa are valid. Apply for travel insurance a few months in advance and confirm that it is activated before you fly out of your home country. Go to your doctor for a checkup and get your travel vaccines. You should then find details about the local embassy in the country you are travelling to, e-mail them a copy of your documents, and explain your reason for visiting.


Learn about the people, language and more. Find out as much as you can so that you can acclimatise when you settle in the new country. Get a travel map of the city to make it easier for you to find your way around. With many apps available nowadays for this purpose, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get around.


Set up an online account to make it easier to access your funds. Alert the bank of your move so that your account is not flagged when you travel. Convert some of your money into the local currency to enable you to transact with the locals. Using foreign currency might raise your threat level because the locals will know you are a foreigner, making you susceptible to fraud.

Overall, preparing for a trip abroad as a student requires mental preparation since you will be moving to a new territory without friends or family. By making the right preparations, you will be able to get by comfortably by yourself until you make friends.