Family Matters: Do These Things Keep You from Making Time for Family Time?

family watching television from their couchThere’s no doubt about it, spending quality time with the family is important. The problem lies in making it a lived reality in the household. Most parents tend to spend less time with kids, realizing later on that they’ve missed on a lot on their child’s life. To make time for family time, the key is to identify hindrances so you can address them more proactively. With that, here are some common obstacles to family time and ways you can overcome them:

House chores

One of the realities of family life is it’s about the routine of keeping the home in tip-top shape. You have to cook meals, do the laundry, pick up the toys, mow the lawn, and do many more. All these take much effort, robbing you of time that would otherwise be spent with children. Of course, you can’t just take the time off from such duties, but you can be smarter in accomplishing them.

For instance, getting help from the babysitter or asking your dry cleaner if they could deliver the clothes so you can cut down time in accomplishing chores. Or, you can also involve the kids themselves and make house duties a bonding activity itself.

Work responsibilities

Working parents often find themselves caught in the middle of work and home responsibilities. It’s difficult to juggle both, but planning and being organized can help. If you plot everybody’s schedules, let’s say in a shared online calendar for the entire family, you’ll be able to discuss with your partner who takes the kids to soccer practice or request a day off for your child’s musical recital weeks ahead from your boss. Make sure to plot specific dates as well for a major family vacation in your app. noted that this will compel everyone to make time for quality family bonding time.

Time wasters

You probably don’t notice this, but there’s a high chance you’re wasting time on simple everyday tasks, like finding your house keys or a shoe. It’s often the reason morning rush gets rushed, leaving you no time to spend breakfast as a family because you’re still searching for that sock your child misplaced. Again, organization helps here. Dedicate a space where you can reach for everyday stuff easily.

Note that another major time waster is your mobile phone. You may not be aware of it; you’re mindlessly scrolling through your social media newsfeed for over an hour already. When the kids are at the house, lessen the time spent on your phone.

What’s keeping you from having family time? Keep them at bay and make quality time with kids your priority.