Signs that You Need to Change Your Tires

Auto Mechanic Changing Car TireJust like everything else, your tires can wear out over time. To ensure your safety, you need to replace them to prevent accidents on the road. The good thing nowadays is that you can purchase car tires in Parlin, NJ easily. However, how do you know when to replace your tires? Here are a few signs that you have to watch out for:

Tread Depth Is Too Shallow

Always remember that the tread on your tires should never be below 1.6 millimeters in depth. If you regularly drive on wet surfaces, it’s advisable to have twice as much depth to ensure your safety. One way to measure tread depth is by using a penny. You can use a Lincoln-head penny and insert the head into the thread. If Abe’s head is still visible, it means that you don’t have enough tread depth.

Structural Damage

Constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the tire’s surface. Exposure to ice or snow can also contribute to the structural damage. Thus, you need to ensure that you have the right tire that’ll suit your climate.

Cracked Sidewalls

Cracked and weathered sidewalls might be an indicator that your tires have holes. Once you see any cracks in the sidewall, it’s essential to bring your car to the nearest repair shop and see if you can get the tires replaced.

In the end, these are just some signs that your tires need to be replaced. You might want to check a manufacturing company that can provide you with durable tires. Failing to replace damaged tires can result in accidents on the road.