Why You Should Prune Your Trees

Person Pruning a TreeEveryone mows their lawn and does the weeding, but fewer people make sure their trees are pruned. Cutting trees is important for many reasons and it improves the appearance of the house.

Pruning trees will help keep them looking neat and gives an organised appearance to the yard. Messy, wild-looking yards may affect the look of the house and the street. As well as adding to the aesthetics of the property, there are many other reasons to trim them.

Remove Obstructions

When a tree grows too big, it can obstruct the light and the view from the home. Obstructions can cause feuding with neighbours if the trees block their line of sight or if branches extend onto their property. Calling a company that offers tree services in Tauranga is a good idea.

Remove Loose Branches

Tree diseases and hazardous weather conditions can leave loose branches hanging, which may present a danger to people walking underneath. They can damage roofing and dislodge tiles if they break loose, so they should be removed as early as possible.

Any branches decaying or infected by disease should also be removed to prevent the spread to the rest of the trees and the surrounding plants. It also discourages infestation of insects.

Harvest Good Fruits

Pruning fruit trees will encourage the growth and development of fruits. That is why pruning is one of the most popular methods used by farmers.

More Space for Drivers and Pedestrians

Pruning allows more clearance space for vehicles coming up the driveway or into parking areas. It is safer for pedestrians if trees are cut when they are located near the sidewalks.

Experienced arborists can prune trees, remove branches and diagnose and treat tree diseases. They have the right equipment to tend to trees, making professional tree services a safer option for homeowners than trying to do things themselves.