Primary Categories of Construction Waste

Loaded dumpster outside of construction zoneThe construction industry is facing one of the biggest booms. New construction projects are coming up every day, and with them, a significant amount of waste is generated. Recycling and minimising the waste are all commendable solutions for reducing the amount produced from your construction site. So, partnering with a company like Grasshopper for your construction waste disposal needs is essential regardless of the amount of waste you generate. The company will help you in handling different types of waste from your project. Here are the primary categories of waste they handle.

Building Materials

Restoration, remodelling, and construction all generate a significant amount of waste. This includes electrical wiring, plaster, wood, bricks, cement, metal, and insulation among others. Most of these materials can be recycled into new products. Waste wood, for instance, can be recycled into the new timber at lumbering factories while plaster, bricks, and cement can be crushed, treated in factories and then re-used.

Dredging Materials

These refer to objects and materials which have been displaced during construction. Dredging materials range from rubble, dirt, tree stumps and rocks. Most waste handling companies remove this waste from your construction site and cart them to factories where they are recycled or safely disposed of.

Hazardous Waste

This group comprises all materials which contain asbestos and lead, including plasterboard, paint thinners, solvent and strippers, aerosol cans and fluorescent bulbs. There are several local and federal laws which govern the disposal of this waste and impose harsh punishments and fines for non-compliance. Waste management companies are best-placed to help you in complying with all rules, some of which you may not know to exist.

Environmental sustainability is the most significant selling point for construction companies. None of your clients wants to feel like their construction is harming the environment in any way, after all. Having an experienced company handling the above construction waste categories for you enhances your credibility as an eco-conscious construction expert.