Three Important Tips for Maintaining Your Windows in Good Condition

Girl looking through a windowWindows are often made of a combination of wooden or metallic frames and glass panes. The frames are affected by elements of the weather, such as rain and constant heat from the sun, and these change the colours of the frames and panesĀ over time. Glaziers advise building owners to conduct annual window maintenance operations, including the following tasks.

1. Inspection and Repairs

Windows consist of several moving parts. These parts, like the hinges, tend to break when the windows are shut forcefully. Look for a glazier that does window repairs in Palmerston North. Ask him or her to come and inspect your windows to detect anything that needs to be repaired.

The glazier can also replace any broken window panes. Broken windows affect the performance of thermostats, as they let warm air enter or escape, making the air conditioning work harder.

2. Cleaning

The surfaces of window panes tend to attract dust and other particles. Windows facing dusty roads, for instance, accumulate a lot of dust over just short periods.

This means that they require regular cleaning to maintain them in working condition. Cleaning the windows entails wiping the windows panes and frames. There are several cleaning agents you can use to remove stains.

3. Re-painting and Tinting

Paints peel off after being exposed to the sun for long periods. So, the windows appear dirty and neglected. Additionally, the window tints become ineffective and begin to let unwanted light in. These damaged windows need repainting and tinting at least once every two years to replace the aging covers.

People can easily spot the damage in neglected windows. So, business owners need to maintain them in good condition because they create an impression of the overall condition of a building.