Getting a Job in Food Processing Admin is a Challenging Career Path with Many Opportunities

Smiling food processing managerEnding up as a plant manager is not a direct career path. It takes a deep understanding of the people who work the line, as well as the manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, administrative jobs offer career growth for anyone who wants to work in the food industry.

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Food and People

Food is a passion for a lot of people. These are the people who work with food, whether in food production, farms, animal husbandry, delivery and transport, fishery or in food processing. For most of them, it is not just about the job but about the love of food. At the same time, administrative jobs are also like other administrative jobs in other industries.

Administrators know how to prepare a schedule, they should also understand project management, workforce allotment, talent search and recruitment, and at the same time know how to handle people. The people skills are essential because most of the time they would be in discussion with employees in their plant or company.

One Job After Another

Besides these basic skills, food processing administrators also have an understanding of the jobs, roles and tasks, and how these dovetail with the manufacturing processes and with other jobs. As much as line workers are trained for their jobs, the administrative personnel also has to understand these jobs as roles. A worker might start with a line job and then progress to quality assurance, before being promoted to a supervisory role. This is one path towards a becoming a plant manager.

Another way to look at it is from a logistics viewpoint. A procurement officer starts out working between the production line and accounting. The career path may take a circuitous route and includes plant logistics. These may seem like disparate jobs, but their interrelationships are part of the complex structure of food processing.

Getting a start in food processing with an administrative job is not just about working in an office in a food processing plant. Understanding how different parts of the plant and the workers integrate with one another.