Leading Manufacturers in the Worldwide Lithium-Ion Battery Landscape

cellphone battery drainedIn their 2017-2021 report, Technavio has announced the results of the leading suppliers in the global lithium-ion battery market. This research also includes 20 other major players that are expected to heavily influence the market during the forecast period. Experts at Benchmark Minerals look at the impact of key players on the worldwide Li-ion battery vendor landscape.

1. A123 Systems

This company specializes in nano phosphate lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions. It offers Li-ion battery products, including energy modules, cells, power modules, and lead-acid replacement batteries. A123 Systems offers two kinds of high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery technologies, which help deliver high energy density and power for a compact package with an enhanced life cycle.

2. LG Chem

LG Chem manufactures and supplies rechargeable batteries to various industries. The mega factory specializes in information and electronic materials, petrochemical goods, batteries, and other related products. They also offer battery solutions for smartphones, power tools, laptops, e-bikes, power banks, and digital cameras. Their diverse operations and products help them to stay dominant in the global scene.

3. Panasonic

Known as one of the most prominent players in the industry, Panasonic produces and distributes electrical and electronic products in Japan and worldwide. They also offer a wide range of business solutions, such as security, communications, terminal, and imaging systems. They also have a strong presence in Latin America, North America, Oceania, China, and EMEA.

4. Toshiba

This renowned Japanese corporation is engaged in the manufacture, research and development, and sales of electronic products. They offer energy-related transportation, equipment, and security systems to the telecommunication and automation sectors. Toshiba has constantly improved its lithium-ion battery technology to compete better in the market.

With emerging companies, these tech giants are forced to improve their solutions while making prices affordable to the public. The report was made to help businesses optimize their market positions and develop effective strategies.