What are the main benefits of tooth replacement with dental implants in Edinburgh?

Tooth replacement may seem like a luxury to some people. Maybe they think that they should just adapt when they have gaps in their smile. Or perhaps the options for smile restoration seem like they are not worth the hassle. However, someone who has had dental implants in Edinburgh would probably laugh at these ideas because they know what the true benefits are and what they are worth.

A good dentist does not want to persuade their patients to have a treatment that they don’t want or need. Instead, they want to provide them with plenty of information about a treatment like dental implants in Edinburgh so that they can make decisions for themselves. When a clinic, like Edinburgh Dental Specialists, talks to their patients about tooth replacement, they will usually include dental implants unless circumstances dictate that they are not an option. This is because dental implants offer the benefits discussed below.

Unparalleled security

While all tooth replacement methods have their merits and work well for many people, there are few that match dental implants in terms of security. This is because dental implants are fixed into the jawbone. Once they are in position, the bone is the area grows around them to secure the fixture for good. This means that any form of prosthetic teeth that are attached to the top of dental implants benefit from an anchor point that does not move around and allows for a natural, strong level of bite pressure.

Stunning appearance

Dental implants also look natural. This is partly because they do not shift when used so there are no tell-tale signs when someone speaks or laughs. It’s also because the prosthetic teeth attached to them can be matched to the patient’s remaining teeth, if they have them, or to a natural shade for their age and complexion if they do not.

Ease of use

Dental implants take from a few weeks to a few months to heal. During this time, the patient needs to carefully follow their dentist’s instructions to support the process. However, once this time period has passed, no special techniques are required to use or care for dental implants.