Doing it Mexican Style: Cooking Guide for Beginners

Tacos and tomato dipMexican cuisine is more than just your all-time favorite taco or burrito. There are many other delicious dishes you should try—from fajitas and quesadillas to pinto bean salsa salad and grilled chicken guacamole—you’re sure to satisfy your Mexican cravings.

While it’s not so difficult to prepare these dishes at home, it’s important to know the basics. Just like any other recipes, you need to aim for the perfect balance of strong flavors by mixing the right ingredients and using the right cooking methods.

To help you with your food preparation, take note of the following cooking tips:

Getting Familiar with Mexican Chilies and Spices

Jalapeno, chipotle, and ancho are among the common spices used in a Mexican dish. You can use jalapeno and chipotle to make salsa dip or just sprinkle them over nachos. On the other hand, Ancho is good for glazed chicken. Other key ingredients include Tomatillos, Pinto Beans, Cholula hot sauce, and Blue Corn Tortillas.

Dissecting the Mexican Style Chicken

Yes, there’s a way to imitate those glazed chicken, Suizas Enchiladas, Kabobs, and other special chicken dishes from your favorite Mexican restaurants in Virginia. Any meat with deep sauce like Chicken Mole, Tortilla Soup, or Tinga de Pollo requires a slow cooking process to make the meat more tender and to marinate the sauce well. Do not mix the spices while marinating the chicken. Just add them when the meat is almost done.

Making the Side Dishes

As they say, it’s not Mexican without the side dishes. Light up the feast by serving tomatillo salsa. To do this, you need fresh avocado, green chilies, jalapeno, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. You can also add shredded chicken and tortillas, and a bit of Monterey Jack. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix for five minutes.

Now, you’re ready for some Mexican feast at home. For more recipes, you can visit food adviser sites like Food Network and Genius Kitchen.