How to Place your Outdoor Speakers to Get the Most Out of it

Headphone on the PhoneWe all want to get the best out of our outdoor speakers, especially if we are using it for our own party. You definitely want to impress your guests by giving them the best quality of music, which is why you should carefully strategize about the placement of your outdoor speakers.

Today, we will list a couple of ways on how you can place those Bluetooth speakers for sale that you have been planning to buy.

Tilt your Speakers

Even if you are getting waterproof speakers, you should be careful not to let them soak in rainwater. This can easily destroy any type of speakers, waterproof or not.

To avoid water messing up your speakers, make sure to tilt it around and make it face the ground when placing it in the garden. This will make the water drain easily instead of it catching all the water and messing up the inside of the speakers.

The Placement of the Speakers

Place the speakers around 10–112 feet from your patio or outdoor family area. This will give you a great sound in and around the outdoor area without having to think about the fine-tuning too much.

If your garden is quite big, then you might need to buy more speakers, especially if you are working with smaller ones.

Wiring Needs

If you prefer to get the wired speakers instead of the Bluetooth ones, then remember to add at least 20% to the measurement of the overall wire that you will be needing.

This will allow you to move things around without sacrificing the quality of the sound, as well as play around with the speakers’ placement whenever you need to.

Renting a sound system and hiring professionals to do it can be too expensive, so make sure to buy your own set of speakers that you can use anytime, anywhere.