Are You Sabotaging Your Own Resume?

Interviewer Holding Applicant's ResumeWhat’s worse than failing to list a complete employment history in your resume? For hiring managers, grammatical errors serve as the biggest turn-off even if you are the right person for the job.

A survey of hiring managers in the U.S. cited these mistakes as the top reason recruiters reject applications, aside from fabricating and inventing details about your credentials.

Resume Mistakes

Most hiring managers would say that one or two pages of a resume would be enough. Any more than that and you risk your application being tossed out. Unless you’re applying for a creative role, you should stick to a standard font and color. Remember that it only takes around six seconds for a recruiter to decide whether you should be invited for an interview or not.

Those who recently graduated should be more conscious of submitting an error-free resume, especially if you live in a city where competition for entry-level jobs is tough. If you live in Massachusetts, for instance, noted that professional resume writers could help improve the chances of you getting an interview. Salaries for recent graduates in the city are higher than other regions, so that should be a good enough reason to look for expert help on your resume.

Entry-level Salaries

A study showed that entry-level jobs in Boston pay an average of almost $59,500 every year. It exceeded the rate in Atlanta and Dallas, where annual salaries amount to more than $49,500 and more than $50,700, respectively.

However, entry-level workers in San Francisco earn more at almost $64,000 per year, while those in New York earn nearly $61,000. The study based its findings on the salaries of 310,000 entry-level roles at around 1,000 companies in the country.

There are many ways to proofread a resume such as simply passing them around to family and friends to check for errors, but professional assistance is a worthwhile investment especially if you are keen on landing a certain role.