The Top 3 Reasons to Have a Video Marketing Strategy

a girl editing a videoIn today’s highly competitive business world, you need to think outside the box to gain the visibility you need to succeed. One way to beat the competition is to use more visually-driven campaigns. Videos can help you gain prominence in showcasing your brand to your customers. With videos taking up 80 percent of all Internet traffic in 2019, you can’t afford to miss opportunities.

If you have not yet adopted this strategy, here are three reasons to make it your top priority this year.

1. Customers find videos irresistible

A whopping 90 percent of all online visitors say that videos help them to decide whether to buy a product or obtain a service. This fact alone is sufficient reason to take a good look at your website and find out if you have adequate audiovisual content to engage with your target audience. If not, then now’s the time to hire a reputable Denver animation agency to create high-quality marketing videos for you.

2. Videos are affordable

Decades ago, video was considered both difficult and expensive due to all the licensing and equipment involved. Today, technology has made things very easy (i.e., affordable) for today’s businesses. You don’t need a big budget to produce a stellar two-minute video that can generate a lot of interest and traffic from your target audience.

3. Video offers a tangible connection

The modern client wants to feel a strong connection to your products or services before they can buy them. Achieving this without video can be extremely difficult. A static image, no matter how good, simply does not successfully touch on the sensory aspects that moving images can do. A video, on the other hand, can effectively make the client understand how it feels to use a certain product.

Any business that has not implemented a strong video marketing strategy stand to lose out much, as the modern-day client resonates more with audiovisual content. Make it one of the first things to do this year, if you already haven’t.