Here Are the Common Types of Online Paid Search Advertising

PC with advertising ideasDigital advertising is the most inexpensive marketing option regardless of your sector. There are two types of digital ads — display and search ads. Display ads appear before other videos on YouTube or appear along with other web content.

Search ads only appear when the customer is specifically looking for a product or answer. There are various types of search ads a social media marketing expert in Ottawa might recommend. notes that it all depends on your budget and target market. Here are some of the most common types.

• Search Engine Text Ads

The most common type of search engine text ads is Google AdWords, and Yahoo and Bing also have similar platforms. These are text ads formatted in the same way as the content below them. The ads are placed on the right side of a website’s panel or above search engine result page (SERP) listings.

They are elegant, simple and can be easily tracked and measured. You can also target your ads by time of day, location or use of keywords.

• Product Listing Ads

This platform allows you to display your product using its title, image, promotional message, price and your business name. The product listing ads appear on Google shopping, search and search networking sites. This platform gives you affordable visibility but has lower conversions and click-through rates.

• Retargeting or Remarketing

This platform allows you to display your ads to people who have visited your site. The main purpose is to keep your product in the client’s view constantly and increase your chances of making a sale. The remarketed content is typically in the form of native and traditional display ads.

There is no need to stick to only one of the paid search ad types mentioned above. Your marketing expert can advise you on how to work with all of them cohesively. This will enable you to maximize your paid search advertising plan and budget.