How to Make Your Next Move Easier for Your Kids

Family inside a moving carMoving houses can be very stressful and difficult for kids. When they get stressed out, you do too, as you have to be the one to explain everything to them and calm them down. Colonial Van Lines shares some tips to make the process easier for your kids and yourself as well.

Explain the move to them.

Most kids don’t quickly adapt to change, which is why moving can be hard for them. Before moving, have all of your kids sit down and talk to each one of them. Explain why you have to leave your current home and what they can expect when you arrive in your new abode.

You can also excite them with the move by researching and looking for fun things that both you and the children can do together. If the move isn’t too far away, you can even take them to the new place one weekend and show them around town. This is the easiest way to warm them up to the new environment so that they would know what to expect.

Help them with packing.

You have to dedicate one whole day when it comes to helping your children pack. Most smaller children will be upset when they see that you’re packing their things in a box, especially their toys. They might think that you’re taking their toys away and that they would never see them again.

Explain that this is only temporary and that they will see their toys again once you unpack in your new home. Have them help with the packing so that they are assured that their toys are not going anywhere.

Play games during the trip.

Kids can easily get bored, especially during long-haul trips. Plan your trip beforehand and make sure to have enough games to play during the whole travel. Make your kids interact with you and their siblings, so they will never notice that the time has already passed.

With kids, it’s all about being patient and strategic. Ask some help from your friends and relatives, and you’ll be sure that your children will enjoy the move.