4 Ways You Can Prepare for the SAT

A woman writing somethingIt’s finally your last year in high school. In a few months, you’ll be moving to the next step of your student life. Are you excited to go to college? Before you can move forward, however, you still need to pass the scholastic aptitude test (SAT). Here are some tips on how you can ace the SAT:

Take practice tests.

What better way to prepare you for the SAT than to take the actual test. Set a certain time every one or two weeks to take a full-length timed practice test. It will not only help you monitor your progress but also help increase your patience in taking the exam.

Know the structure of the test.

One of the best preparations you can do for your SAT is to know its structure. Questions on the SAT are usually in ascending order of difficulty. You can easily and quickly answer the first questions so you still have time for the harder questions. While the critical reading questions are not arranged in order of difficulty, you still need to master some strategies.

Read up.

Aside from practice tests, you should also read up on articles on the sections you don’t know. Read a few paragraphs, stop, and then identify the author’s argument. This will help you on the reading comprehension part. Look up words that you don’t know as you read.

Study that vocabulary.

While you don’t have to look up for every word from the dictionary, studying vocabulary can be an easy way to increase your SAT score. You can do this during your spare time. It will not only help on the sentence completion questions but also in the reading comprehension.

Passing the SAT is one step towards entering college. Keep these tips in mind, and you can look forward to acing this test.

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