Cybersecurity Threats to Expect This Year

Computer serversA sudden rise in more sophisticated cyber attacks happened in 2017. This year, cybersecurity experts expect tougher and more rigorous threats to occur.

Justice IT Consulting, an IT company focused on cybersecurity practices, knows that cybercrime is bound to be even more prevalent and focused on governments, political campaigns, corporations, and public bodies this 2018.

Here are some of the trends which cybersecurity experts expect to see.

Ransomware is Just Getting Started

Ransomware has gained notoriety in the previous years, and it’s just getting started. Last year, it grew up to 2,500 percent and has been reportedly targeting smartphones, Mac, Linux, and Android/iOS.

A.I. is on the Move

Artificial Intelligence (AI) cybersecurity involves the use of machine learning to study any system. Experts anticipate that this technology is set to strike this year. Hackers are sure to take advantage of these machine-learning models to mock security programs.

IoT Devices Will Be At Large

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow by the minute, and it’s making things easier for hackers. Plenty of intertwined devices have minimal defense against hackers purchasing devices, such as botnet kits from IoT.

MFA is on the Rise

The number of data breaches among enterprises last year served us wake-up calls on being dependent on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or 2FA. Many consumers are now aware that a password is not enough. With the recorded 79% of stolen identities according to Bitdefender’s research, risk-based authentication has been, and will still be, selling like pancakes.

Mining for Cryptocurrency

The rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enticed hackers to mine for these digital currencies. Stealing the digital currency isn’t the issue; it’s going after the computer processing power that’s the concern. This has become the new target of hackers lately. Mining attacks have reportedly jumped six-fold since January and August of last year.

The Crowd Research Partners survey shows that 90 percent of government agencies and companies feel vulnerable to insider threats. These trends serve as warning signs to businesses. It’s a call for a renewed focus on cybersecurity, a rise in the use of IT solutions from experts.