Tips for Getting the Best Employees in the Market

HR and a candidateThe best employees are not few and far between. There are plenty of them out there waiting for that phone call so they can finally showcase their skills to the world. The challenge for the recruitment staff, however, is narrowing down the list to get the best of the best.

How does one go about this then?

Connect with the right candidate

First, go to a reputable job portal and match potential candidates with the specific skills required. The operative word here is “reputable” as there are some job portals online but some are bogus.

Aside from looking at the skills, consider the job experience too because there’s a big gap between hiring an entry-level employee and a seasoned one.

Background check

After gathering the right resumes, background checking or investigation is the next step. This means verifying if the details in the resume are true. You can also hire a third party company to help you check if the person has a bad record or was involved in dubious acts in the past.

Exams first before interview

According to the Harvard Business Review, it’s better for potential hires to take the exams first before being interviewed as it can reduce cost and better identify suitable applicants. This can also help save time because you don’t have to screen the applicant on the phone anymore.

Contact the references

References are not included on resumes for nothing; they’re there for a purpose, and it’s your obligation to give them a call. Since the applicant will always be on the positive side when it comes to his or her skills, the reference, on the other hand, can provide another angle.

Finally, don’t forget to make the final interview questions as tough and challenging as possible. Remember, hiring for your company is like asking a stranger to live in your house; make sure he or she is the right one.