4 Easy Steps to Fix Scratches on Your Car’s Paint

car paint polishingWith time, even the utmost care will not prevent wear and tear from catching up with your car’s paintwork. When the scratches are too deep and the abrasions too widespread, you may consider working with a sandblaster in NZ like Euro-Blast N.Z. Ltd to remove the old coat and repaint the entire car afresh. Or you could try the following quick steps to eliminate the problem:

Start by cleaning the panel.

Using a wet sponge, wipe the area on your car’s panel that has the abrasions to remove all the grit there. Then use an absorbent paper to dry the surface. Cleaning the affected surface makes all cracks clearly visible so you can easily take work on them.

Flat out the scratches.

Usually, scratches are formed on the protective coat of the car’s paint. These scratches are considerably easy to remove, as they have not penetrated too deep through the protective coat into the colour. Use a specialised wet-and-dry paper wrapped around a sanding block to flatten out the scratches. Be careful not to apply too much pressure though, as this could cause more abrasions.

Polish the panel.

After flatting out the scratches, clean the surface again using wet car leather. Then dry the surface using an absorbent paper. Now’s the time to bring the area into a gleam. Apply some polishing compound on the surface you just cleaned and use a machine polisher to polish the surface to a showroom shine.

Wax the panel.

Pour a little amount of wax polish on a clean lint-free piece of cloth and apply it to the repaired surface by hand. Use circular motions as you apply the wax, all the while removing any residue for that perfect finish.

Scratches on your car’s paintwork need not give you a lot of headaches. With just a few easy steps, you can eliminate these unattractive abrasions on your car’s nosy at your garage within no time.