LED Light Bars as Important Pieces of Emergency Equipment

led lightsEmergency warning systems and early warning devices have evolved since they were first introduced in the 1970s. Today, there are many signs available for fog, rain, snow, as well as winding roads during dark nights.

LED Equipped recommends installing a mini LED light bar in your car to prepare for emergencies. Note that this does not replace your car’s early warning device or EWD. In the contrary, it augments the EWD and instead of a reflectorized warning sign, you can have a powerful light bar on top of your vehicle.

Ideal for Emergencies

Reflectorized signs are great during the day, as well as in well-lit places. These can be easily seen from afar. However, if there’s any precipitation, these signs turn out to be almost invisible at the roadside. On the other hand, strong LED lights can be seen further away, even during heavy rainfall or during a snow. When the car needs to be visible at night, an LED light bar will come in handy.

Choosing LED lights

LED lights are powerful and bright, but they use a small amount of power. Light bars are made of banks of LED lights in a row and are encased in a weather-proof housing. Placing a light bar on top of the vehicle makes the car more visible. Because LED light bars have a low wattage, they can last a long time without a need for recharging. If they are connected to the car, they would not drain the battery easily.

Not everyone can use emergency lights, but it depends on the state where the user resides. Attaching a colored light bar on a private vehicle may be against the law of the state. The car owner should acquaint himself with the rules regulating the use of light bars and should know which colors can be used during emergencies.