Simplifying Funeral Preparations

funeralDealing with a death in the family is never easy. It’s a time of extreme sadness, stress, and grief. Unfortunately, it still requires family members to make lots of decisions. Not all cases allow family members to prepare and plan the details early.

In West Valley City, Utah, families rely on reputable funeral homes, such as McDougal Funeral Home, for headstones, caskets, and other funeral arrangements. Businesses like them try their best to make the process worry-free and simple for the surviving loved ones.

To Cremate or Not?

More families are considering cremation because of the cost accompanying lots at the cemetery. It would be wise to agree early on if the family will be buying memorial lots, building a mausoleum or simply getting space at a nearby Columbarium. This decision will make it easy for other family members to make funeral arrangements.

Cremation may be a cheaper option for some because arrangements can be made to rent the coffin used during the wake or viewing. In some cases, the family chooses not to hold a wake at all and just proceeds to hold a service after cremation.

On the other hand, if the family opts for the traditional lots at the cemetery, this must be arranged early on. As morbid as it may sound, some families buy lots years ahead and make space for one another. Some lots have double or multiple interments. Over time, some of the bones can be moved and combined.

When this happens, new headstones are made and the names of the deceased whose bones are in one space are added to identify them. It is common for departed spouses or mother and child to be placed in one lot as the years pass. To honor the dead, family members often decorate the grave with marble headstones with ornate carvings and statues.

Planning these things early will minimize the number of things family members will need to decide on when a loved one passes away.