Packing Fundamentals and Supplies You Need to Know

Taping a boxPacking could be exciting and stressful at the same time. While you’re excited to move to your new home, you want to make sure that you didn’t forget anything at your old place. As you go along, you’ll realize that packing yourself is easy and could reduce your moving cost. It’s your things you’ll pack after all, so you need to do your best.

Identify all your stuff and sort them for packing

You need to know all the things you pack and sort them accordingly. Computers, TVs, and other electronics should be together, and the same goes for fragile home decorations. Buy new boxes and packaging tapes. If you’re in Utah, Nash Packaging recommends visiting stores that offer shipping supplies around Salt Lake City’s neighborhood.

Sorting your things is important, so you can find a specific item easily once you’ve placed them inside the box. You may also sort the things you’ll be leaving and donate it to charity. For the things you may immediately need, consider using a clear plastic box to see its contents easily. Once you’ve sorted all your stuff, you may want to make a checklist and take pictures before putting them all in a box with a label.

Keeping your stuff protected

Putting your belongings inside a box may not fully protect them, especially if the box isn’t completely full and the items inside could be moving when you shake it. Protect fragile items by wrapping them in a bubble wrap or with a cloth. Wrap plates, glasses, and other kitchenware with old newspaper. Fill the box until there’s no movement left. You can start closing your boxes using a strong packing tape afterward.

Organizing your things is important when packing so you won’t forget anything. Keep in mind that protecting all your investments is the main goal of proper packing as you transport your things from one place to another. Don’t be a slacker.