How to Allow More Natural Light into Your Home

A woman rolling up her curtainsLight can instantly improve your mood as nothing else can. If you want to brighten your personal space, here are tips to do this.

Glasses and Mirrors

Shiny surfaces reflect light, so it’s a good idea to use mirrors and glasses in your interior design. Wall mirrors don’t just create illusions of space. They make excellent focal points in a room’s design. Glass balustrades in Auckland come in varying designs and make a great addition if you want to allow more natural light.

You’ll also do well to replace that solid wooden door with high-security glass door. Be mindful of the little details as well. Even something as small as doorknobs and photo frames should be considered in your design strategy. You’ll want shiny metallic colours for those little pieces.

Light-Coloured Paint

Pale-coloured walls don’t just lighten your home. They also make varied backgrounds for any decorating schemes especially if you have warm-coloured furnishings or floor. You can splashes of warm-coloured paint to your wall trims so you can play up a bit with colour contrasts.

Window Treatments

Thick and heavy drapes absorb natural light, making the room look smaller and darker. So it’s best to ditch them in favour of light-coloured and lightweight fabric. If privacy is your main concern and you wish to use shutters, make sure that you choose one with wide slat design to allow rays of light into the room.

Furniture Arrangements

Unless you’re using glass or translucent furnishings, you need to be mindful of your furniture’s arrangement. Move solid and dark-coloured furniture away from windows and doors to prevent it from blocking and absorbing the streams of light coming into the room.

Allowing more natural light into your home does not just make you feel more vibrant, you’ll also enjoy energy savings. You won’t need to press that light switch button on as much while your body enjoys a good boost vitamin D from all that natural light.