Why a Windscreen Chip Should be Repaired

A car windshield being repairedIf you see a chip or crack on your windscreen, it’s best not to put off the repair for later. Motorists hoping to save money will quickly find that that decision is a false economy and could lead to an even larger expense.
Noticing a chip on the car’s previously immaculate windscreen is frustrating, especially when you've tried your best to protect your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to get a service as soon as you see a fault in your car.

Why You Need a Repair

1. A chipped windscreen will inevitably lead to a crack in the glass
The whole windscreen may shatter, which is dangerous if it occurs while driving – and also costly. A local windscreen repair service in Manawatu could charge less than $100 to repair a chip, whereas replacing the whole screen costs hundreds.
2. A chipped windscreen is a safety issue
If a windscreen is even slightly chipped, it will shatter completely in the event of an accident, causing the airbag to inflate outside of the car, providing little or no protection from an impact.
3. Your vehicle can fail fitness tests
Since windscreen chips are unsafe, any motorist who doesn’t repair one will fail their next scheduled warrant of fitness test and will be required to fix the problem before their vehicle is roadworthy again.

Get Back on the Road Again

As a chip repair is minor and could prevent further damage, most car insurance policies will cover the cost. Once the driver books a repair, they can get back on the road again in as little as half an hour.
Windscreen chips may be small, but they can lead to big problems, including inflated bills, complete windscreen replacement, failed fitness tests and even injuries. Repairing a chip in your windscreen can save money and even your life.