Top 3 Techniques to Boost Tenant Experience

Mixed Race Excited Military Couple In Front of New Home with New House Keys and Sold Real Estate Sign Outside.The collective experience of your tenants will either have a positive or negative effect on potential occupants’ perception of your company and occupancy rates. You’ll need to satisfy your current tenants to keep your business profitable.

Experts on commercial property management from Utah cite the following ways you can boost the experience of your tenants.

Create Value through Customer Service

If your property is in a poor location or the facilities aren’t up to par with other properties in your area, you can shorten that difference with first-rate customer service. The latter is a difference maker, regardless of the industry. Show your tenants that they matter to you, with big and small gestures — such as responding to queries, establishing rapport, being fair, or even just sending a Christmas card. All these may mean the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied tenant.

You’ll also need staff that is customer-centered. Screen applicants to determine if they fit this description or not. Your business will need the right people to make this approach possible.

Quick Response Times

Tenants like landlords who are decisive and are able to make respond to a problem quickly. If you have these characteristics, you’ll develop a good rapport with your occupants. Address problems with electrical, wiring, leaks, broken appliances, minor repairs, and others as soon as a tenant reports them. This shows you care about them and are willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Be Open-Minded

Show willingness and openness to listen to the suggestions of your tenants and take criticisms constructively. Having an open mind allows you to connect with your occupants and understand their needs and wants. Doing so enables you to create a harmonious relationship with tenants, which is important to keeping them and attracting the right kind of occupant.

These are some of the strategies you can implement to improve current tenant satisfaction ratings and improve their experience with you as their landlord.