Promoting Classroom Comfort with Furniture, Lighting, and Temperature

Classroom InteriorWhile learning itself is possible in many different ways and locations, this does not mean that comfort should always be a secondary concern. In a setting that facilitates learning like a classroom, comfort is important. Apart from improving concentration and minimising distractions, comfortable classrooms also promote positive learning and a sense of well-being.

School furniture providers in Australia stress the importance of having comfortable seating and work areas to help students stay focused on their tasks. This is because a clean environment fitted with right furnishings, lighting, and temperature helps clear the mind of disruptions that hinder the learning or task that needs to be completed.


When it comes to choosing the right furniture, size always matters. Seating and tables that do not fit the students may cause discomfort, leading to reduced learning potential and decreased attention span. Adjustable desks and chairs can help improve posture and learning. The furniture should be easy move and rearrange to accommodate both individual and group work.


Mood or lighting can affect child’s academic performance. It is a good idea to incorporate some natural light for physical and psychological benefits. If this is not possible, the use of different lighting products can help recreate what natural light can offer. An understanding of a carefully balanced lighting system is important, as it involves different factors like glare, illuminance, colour, and flicker.


Hot temperatures, as studies suggest, can negatively affect learning. The absence of air conditioning may also contribute to aggressive behaviours in some students. This is because the human mind does not work really well in high temperatures. Students spend a great of time and energy in the classroom, so it is best to have air conditioners installed to help regulate temperature, especially during hot season.

With the lack of comfort, however, students are likely to be distracted. Lighting, temperature, and furnishings should be considered when creating a comfortable classroom. Psychological comfort should also be in mind, as uninviting or intimidating settings can influence learning, as well as how students feel inside the space.