Why You Should Move to Stratford

A real estate agent handing the keys to house to a coupleAre you looking to move somewhere calm, safe and beautiful where there’s hardly any traffic and with numerous real estate options? Look no further than Stratford. The town, which is located in the Taranaki Region, is named after William Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. Streets here also take on the names of the bard’s characters and plays.

Apart from the quaint atmosphere, the town boasts of breath-taking views of Mount Taranaki where locals and visitors can head to for a trek and winter activities.

Despite the number of gorgeous places around New Zealand, why should you settle for real estate options in Stratford instead?

Employment opportunities

Stratford is home to some of the biggest factories and industries from oil to farming, which makes employment in this town rampant. In fact, the unemployment rate is low while workers wage continues to rise. Taranaki Region itself has seen growth in median wage according to Statistics New Zealand. The rise of 13.6% is the result of a booming economy that also led to job increase in various industries.

Endless stream of activities

Two national parks surround Stratford, namely Egmont National Park and Whanganui National Park. Mount Taranaki is also just around the corner where you can ski, hike and climb. Horse-riding is also popular along the Taranaki Rail Trail. During the summer, you can head to Patea River for the swimming holes or you can take your family to the Fernbrooke Farm Amusement Park. And if you like things fast thrills, head to the Stratford Speedway for some stock car racing.

A complete little town

Schools, museums, health services, gardens and parks, clubs and organizations, restaurants, tattoo parlours, golf courses, you name it. Stratford has everything you need to start a new life. It also has a youth community called Tūtaki Youth Inc where young people can go to for health and social services, peer interaction and activities that can help develop their potential.


Live a new life in this part of New Zealand. Consider moving to Stratford for a different kind of living.