Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Jewelry

Gold jewelry and pearls in a box Copy SpaceJewelry pieces have been around since people started knowing how to dress. Fast forward to the present; trends have been changing. While the beauty of style continuously evolves, etiquette for wearing jewelry remains somewhat similar.

Here are tips on how you can wear your jewelry pieces in Salt Lake City stylishly and comfortably everywhere you go.

Do wear something for the occasion

There is a reason why there are different pieces for every event. Everyday jewelry usually includes your wedding band and a wristwatch. Office jewelry pieces can be a bit tricky. It should show who you are, but it should not be too distracting that you would offend the higher-ups when you enter the conference room.

Feel your office environment to know which pieces are appropriate or not. Formal events call for exquisite jewelry pieces that can bring out your natural beauty and elegance.

Do get creative

Do not afraid to mix and match pieces. Wearing jewelry is an art in itself and something that you should explore. Learn how to wear necklaces and earrings that go together, or rings and timepieces that look good when combined.

Do not over accessorize

Remember the rule: only two statement jewelry pieces at a time. Anything beyond that would make you look sloppy instead of classy and elegant. As always, moderation is key.

Do not forget to match your outfit

Giving attention to your choice of jewelry is a must, but do not forget to consider your outfit as well. They should be complementary and not total opposite of each other. If you want your jewelry to take center stage, choosing an outfit that would work around your jewelry is the way to go.

Different people have different definitions of class, elegance, and beauty. Make yours known to the world by choosing your jewelry pieces carefully and wearing them smartly.