The Effective, Yet Simple Head Shot Strategies Photographers Use

Headshot photographyHead shots are a crucial part of an entrepreneurs’ social-media presence, media kit and venture-capital presentation. For some professionals, a dynamic head shot can make a massive difference if they land a job or not.

Photographers in Salt Lake City will know how to make you feel more relaxed in front of the lens and suggest the best poses for you. They will even offer tips to accentuate your best traits and features. Here are some of the tactics that they use to get your perfect head shot.


When shooting head shots, these photographers need a lens that has a large aperture. They know not to use a wide-angle lens in this kind of shot unless they want a more artistic, dramatic kind of photo. With this method, their subject will look unrealistic, and their imperfections are more emphasized like a caricature.


The kind of background that they put up is significant. Your photographers will have to employ some design details instead of just using an isolated element or an empty sky. The secret here is to use a background that will emphasize your head shot.

For a professional business photo, a plain background is ideal. If their subject is in a busy or crowded location, they would have to blur the background using a wide open telephoto lens.

Facial Expressions

Confidence is essential with regards to facial expressions. Your photographer will instruct you to smile or not look too serious. They will make you look straight at the camera and make sure that they point it somewhat above to avoid the horrible double chin.

Your photographer will have you try out some facial expressions in front of the mirror. To enhance the composition, they will be attentive to the direction of your eyes.

Head shots can be quite tricky to capture, which is why your photographer will gently ease you into the process. They will know how to achieve the look that you want and make you feel at ease at the same time.