Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Do I Need to Leave the House?

Sanding on a hardwood floorIt is not essential to leave the house until your floor-refinishing project is over. However, you may opt to move out if the project is extensive and you want it completed in one job, and moving out is convenient. Here are some good reasons to move:

Furniture removal

Utah hardwood floor repair experts such as Pioneer Hardwood Flooring INC may need to move your furniture from room to room or even out of your house entirely.

They will complete the job much faster if there are no distractions or people using the furniture or the rooms where you have to move furniture from or into a space.

Stain odors

Smells from oil-based stain and polyurethane might remain in the air for a couple of days. If you or a resident in your home is sensitive to such odors, it may be best to stay away for several days.

To facilitate complete curing

You can use most hardwood floors within a day of sealing. However, it may take a couple of weeks for your floor to cure fully.

Fine dust

Your contractor will seal off the area so that you will not notice any dust. However, it may be best to stay elsewhere if you are worried about fine dust generated by conventional sanding.

Noise during the sanding operation

During the floor sanding and recoat, your refinishing specialist may use a heavy-duty machine to remove all the finish on the floor to expose the wood grain. This sanding operation might become noisy.

Although a hardwood floor comes with many benefits, this flooring option is not maintenance-free. Factors such as installation errors and normal wear and tear can reduce the floor’s appeal.

Fortunately, refinishing is relatively quick and inexpensive. You also do not have to leave home as your floors go through maintenance. But if you and your contractor agree you stay elsewhere during the maintenance work, there may be some benefits.