Key Points on Ensuring Safety at Excavation Sites

Excavation Site With Bulldozer And MachineryExcavation is one of the most dangerous activities in the construction and utility industries. Hazards include slips and falls, cave-ins and suffocation, among others. Some of these dangers are mostly made worse by extreme weather conditions. These safety measures are relevant to construction managers and their workers.

Superfence discusses some key considerations to ensure safety at the excavation site.


As the construction manager or owner of the site, you must know and understand the safety practices so that you can pass the knowledge to your workers. Consult competent construction officers about all the safety equipment the site needs before the work commences. A reliable officer should identify existing and potential hazards, soil types and all the protective equipment required. He should advise on corrective measures to eradicate or control these hazards.

Identify safe spots away from the trench where you can place heavy equipment and soil piles. Have an emergency plan in place just in case a trench accident happens. Ensure that the site supervisor knows everything about this plan. Make sure all workers are aware that they should not enter an unprotected excavation site. Consider hiring a temporary fence in Tauranga to protect the employees, passersby and pets.

Rainstorms may cause erosion or changes to the trench. To avoid any accident, the construction officer should inspect the site after a rainstorm.

Site Workers

Workers should not enter a trench without taking proper precautions. All safety measures and equipment should be readily available. In case you notice any issues with the protective systems for trenching or excavating, leave the trench immediately and call the attention of the construction manager or supervisor.

Adherence to all construction rules and regulations is a must. Always wear protective clothing. Construction workers’ clothing must be visible to alert machine operators of the presence of workers; this will help prevent accidents.

In excavation sites, it is safer to imagine potential dangers lurking around and do something to avoid it. This way, employers and employees will not leave anything to chance. Remember that prevention is always the best solution.