3 Ways to Best Experience UK’s Sporting Atmosphere

Spectators In Team Colors Watching Sports Event Not too many know that most of the popular modern sports being played and followed by millions around the world trace their roots to the United Kingdom. From association football and badminton to golf and cricket, it is little surprise that sports have been an integral part of the English culture.

Many people want to visit the UK just to experience the famed electric sporting atmosphere during matches. But if you are planning to see your favourite team or player live, you better know what to do to get the most out of your trip.

Drive a supercar

If you want to see Lewis Hamilton, three-time world champion and perhaps the best Formula One driver the UK has ever produced, in action, you better save a seat at the British Grand Prix. But if you want a more exhilarating experience, you can be the one behind the wheel. In the UK, you can have a memorable driving experience with supercars. Be it driving around a race track or cruising down a scenic route in the English countryside, driving a supercar is the next best thing to winning a championship.

Watch a football derby

It is simply a must to see a derby match even if you do not follow the clubs per se. In the world of football, derbies are often heated affairs and full of incidents that often become talking points for post-match analyses. Rival clubs from the same cities slug it out not just for the league points or cup glory, but also for bragging rights and proving which club is better.

Some of the classic derby matches you need to keep an eye out for include the Manchester derby between Manchester United and Manchester City, and the Merseyside derby between Liverpool FC and Everton FC.

Lower your voice at the Wimbledon

It is a dream for many tennis fans to see their favourite player live at the Championships, Wimbledon. However, do not let your excitement get the best of you when watching the match live. There are a few etiquettes and rules you need to observe. For instance, spectators are strongly discouraged to make loud noises during rallies, as it might break the concentration of the players. Reserve your loudest cheer for your bet after they have already won the match.

Lastly, have fun. The UK offers lively sporting events like no other and it is best to experience them by actively participating or being one with the crowd, which is a worthy experience in itself.