5 Hard Skills Employers Look for in IT Professionals

Online CoursesThe demand for jobs in the technology field keeps on growing every year. As a result, more students are taking up computer-related degrees such as computer science and computer engineering. If you would like to be part of the technology industry, brush up on these skills for a great first impression.


The most important skill that employers look for in IT professionals is knowledge in Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This does not only help different applications run smoothly and simultaneously, but also gives businesses an edge when creating software solutions for end-users.

Degree and Certification

A degree and certification aren’t exactly hard skills, but they are necessary when applying for a job in technology. Employers need someone with a degree in Computer Science and have received certifications from companies like Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco. You can try the A+ practice test to assess the level of certification you still need.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is essential in developing software and systems. It gives employers as well as customers the confidence that a product or system is working properly. Many companies rely on developers and support professionals when it comes to QA, giving them one of the most important roles in an IT company.


A database is the foundation of any software project. It’s important for businesses and organizations because it provides a highly efficient method of handling multiple types of data. The more you know about databases, the more you can contribute to important projects — employers look for that kind of initiative and edge.


Employers prefer someone who knows the basics of networking such as employing and troubleshooting a Wi-Fi network. Everything is connected in an organization, and a lack of skill in this area is a red flag for employers.

Apart from the above-mentioned hard skills, it’s important to develop a strong set of soft skills as well. Confidence, professionalism, and adaptability are great characteristics to begin with.