What to Look for in Used Office Furniture

Modern Office Space

Your business office represents your brand. As such, it needs to have all the right pieces that tell visitors and stakeholders that you’re a legitimately good business. Fortunately, you can achieve the right interior style for your office without over spending.

The Upside to Used Office Furniture

Buying high quality used furniture offers multiple advantages, primarily for your budget. Used office furniture is affordable, which is essential when you’re just starting to establish a company. Pre-owned desks, chairs, and filing cabinets also allow your business to reduce its carbon footprint; manufacturers use up a great deal of energy and resources making new furniture.

Beyond the use of energy and resources, new furniture can also lead to bigger dumpsites. The EPA reports that the country sees about 9.8 tons of furniture waste per year.

Pick the Right Furniture

But not all used office furniture is good for your office. Some items may show more wear than others. Such pieces are cheaper than other items, but you risk the safety of your employees and the image of your business.

While price certainly is a key factor, don’t get caught up on the cost. Instead, focus on what your office needs to operate—and do it well.

A good starting point is refurbished cubicles. You may think the cubicle is on the decline with many younger employees preferring an open-plan office space. But think of the loss of privacy and productivity for some workers.

An Oxford Economics survey finds that an open-plan layout slows down productivity.

The next piece to consider is the office chair. Here, you don’t want to compromise on quality because comfort is key to healthy, happy, and efficient employees. Consider spending a few more dollars on ergonomic chairs so workers don’t have trouble sitting for long hours.

A Reliable Source

Source your refurbished office furniture from only reliable sources. The ideal provider will give you details as to how it checks each item that comes into its shop. A good used furniture shop will apply a meticulous process to ensure the quality of chairs, desks, cubicles, filing cabinets, and other pieces.

Your new office doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Choose the right used  furniture, and you can complete a stylish space that tells visitors and stakeholders you’re a legitimately good business.