Safe Farming Techniques: Preserving Soil and Crops

Farm tractor driving through soilThe world was created to help humanity survive and eventually thrive. Such gifts are received by people all over the world, through the help of farmers. Over the years, however, humans have abused the world and its natural resources, leading to crop and production depletion.

To reverse such negative effects, farmers came up with safer alternatives to keep lands in their best condition. Below are some of the most common safe farming techniques to help keep farmlands as it is:

1. Soil management

One of the most effective methods to manage soil is through no-till farming. Exapta Solutions, Inc and other experts explain that no-till farming aims to help prevent soil erosion and preserve the natural qualities of soil. 

In Canada alone, no-till farming is said to have reduced soil erosion by 86%, so why not do the same.

2. Crop diversity

Back in the days, only one type of crop is planted at a certain area. Over the years, farmers have seen the benefits of planting different kinds of crops in the same area, depending on the season. This method promotes healthy soil through the production of the necessary soil microorganisms.

3. Proper water management

El Niño season is a headache to farmers all over the world. Therefore, water management methods are continuously being studied to help farmers cope with such seasons.

4. Natural pest control and fertilizers

By lessening the use of chemicals in controlling pests, soil health and the quality of the crops can be preserved — if not, made better. This also goes true with the use of chemical fertilizers. By replacing such with compost, or natural fertilizers, farming would be made safer not only for the soil and crops but for the farmers as well.

Natural resources might be abundant and seemingly infinite. But human actions made them a finite resource. Safe farming techniques are farmers’ and agriculturalists’ attempt to help bring back farming and natural resources to its former glory.