Talk to Me: Games for Speech Therapy

Kids in front of a laptop guided by an adult maleThe spoken language is the best form of self-expression. For children with speech difficulties, the best place to learn is in a relaxed and fun environment. And what better way to teach speech than through games? These are called speech articulation therapy games.

As a speech learning pathologist, perhaps you are thinking, “What are some games I can teach my student?” Here are some suggestions:

1.) Flipbooks

This isn’t a game per se, but creating a flipbook composed of resources will make your child see the objects and help them pronounce things better. You can customize a flipbook for your student.

2.) Fortune Teller

Every child of the 80’s has probably played the fortune teller activity wherein you ask questions, and they get answered by the fortune teller device made of paper. For this game, the teacher can make the sounds, write them on the paper and have the child read them out loud. This is fun and full of information.

3.) Speech Bowling

Bowling is a great activity as it is. For children learning speech, the cards may be placed on the pins. The child will then knock the pins over using a ball. The pins that get knocked over have cards, and the child has to read what was on the pin.

4.) iPad Apps

It’s not surprising that there are many iPad apps help make speech therapy easier. As kids these days are tech savvy, it makes sense to take advantage of the latest gadgets.

5.) Tic Tac Toe

This is a creative twist on the classic game. This may be in the form of a worksheet or on a large white board with laminated cards. A tic tac toe board with a different word on each square. Before the student earns the square and marks the spot, they must select the word and correctly pronounce the word. First to get three in a row on the board wins, just like in tic tac toe.

6.) Treasure Hunt

Several cards with words may be hidden all over the room. The child can find as much as he can. However, for him to be able to convert these cards into treasures (candies), he should be able to pronounce them correctly.

These are just some sample games for speech articulation therapy that can help your students pronounce words correctly, and at the same time in a light environment. As Speech Language Pathologists, it is your job to make sure that your students learn in many different ways. Playing games is one such example. Later on, they will associate speaking with having fun, and this makes things easier. Keep on playing and talking!