Burglar Steals Meat, Cheese from Southern NZ Home

Burglar Holding a Crowbar

It seems locking your doors and windows at night will not deter thieves from breaking and entering your house these days, as an unidentified homeowner in Clydevale has fallen victim to a case of burglary.

A burglar got away with home-kill meat worth hundreds of dollars, along with several cheese rolls and some branded Kiwi clothing and rain gear.

Cold Robbery

Senior Constable Craig Bennett described the case as a good example of Southern man burglary that took place in late April. The perpetrator stole three large containers of frozen meat, including beef and lamb cuts, as well as five dozens of cheese rolls.

The thief then loaded the items into a getaway vehicle before completing the crime. Aside from the frozen meat, the homeowner also lost branded weather gear such as a Swanndri and a pair of Skellerup gumboots, according to Bennett.

The police officer advised employers to inform the cops if they suspect anyone wearing the stolen gear, due to the wet weather in the south.

Beefed-Up Security

Despite the unfortunate incident, the robbery presents another good opportunity to beef up your home security whether you live in Clydevale or other cities like Tauranga. Locksmith services such as that of Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service nowadays provide more than just tinkering with keys and bolts.

Some modern home security systems include those that protect your property against fire-related damages. If you live in Tauranga, the idea of fireproofing your home has become a relevant subject among residents, following the death of a woman inside her house in Moiri Place, Maungatapu.

Local authorities continue to investigate what caused the fire, as neighbours admit that the tragic incident affected the entire community.

While you can only do so much to ward off thieves, that does not mean you should just allow all someone to steal your valuable items. Thanks to modern technology, there are ways to make sure your house remains safe from burglars and fire incidents among other security risks.