Why Is Termite Identification Important?

Close-up Shot of a TermiteIn the natural environment, termites are efficient and beneficial insects. At home, however, these wood eaters can cause massive damage to your house, wooden structures, furniture, stored books, and other items. If you find termites at home, termite control experts suggest that you identify the pests before you try to get rid of them.

Yes Pest Pros, Inc. suggests that you learn the reasons termite identification is necessary.

Control Techniques Vary According to Termite Groups and Species

Termites can be subterranean, drywood, or damp wood. Each of these types of termites has different habitats and behaviors. Each also has numerous species that vary in basic biology and ecology. Proper identification of the type of termite involved in an infestation makes it easier to control the pest.

Proper Identification Saves Time and Money

Correct identification can lead to appropriate control tactics. Conversely, lack of identification or mistakes in identification can lead to ineffective control measures that waste time. Wrong pest management methods may even make the problem worse and more expensive to manage.

Identification Reduces Risks to the Environment

A mistake in identification can lead to the use of chemicals that can pose unnecessary risks to animals, humans, and the environment. For instance, since damp wood termites cannot survive without wet wood, your pest control service provider may recommend habitat alterations and repairs. Spraying insecticides on damp wood termites may then be unnecessary and hazardous.

Different termite species have different colony sizes, feeding, swarming, nesting, and reproductive behavior. Proper identification of species is the first step in developing a sustainable pest control strategy. This job is complicated and overwhelming, so you better get help from a reputable pest control company in your location.