Decking it Out: Building Your Own Outdoor Space

Materials for DIY

Whether you want to extend your living space for guests and gatherings or to provide a cosy outdoor area for rest and relaxation, decks are a great addition to any Australian home.

DIY construction sounds like a great (and cheaper) way to go—but if you want to get the most value out of your time, money, and supplies, you may want to take note of some important points before building your deck

Do Make Sure You CAN Build a Deck

It is not a question of whether you have the actual skills (and patience) to do DIY construction in your backyard. Depending on the place that you are in, especially if you live in a cyclone-susceptible locale, you may have to apply for local council approval

Do Not Skip out on Proper Planning and Designing

Decks may seem pretty straightforward and simple, but it would not do you any good if you mess up your design and measurements. Getting through measuring the width, length, height, and poring over structure design, levels, and materials will save you more money in the long run.

Do Ask for Assistance

Building your deck yourself does not mean you have to figure everything out on your own. A wise DIYer will always consult with construction and supplies experts or professionals about which materials will go best with the design you have in mind.

Do Not Cut Corners If You Cannot DIY

Deck construction can be quite difficult and challenging, even for seasoned building junkies. Never try to do shortcuts when building your deck – or you may end up with an outdoor eyesore. Worse, you can endanger your family’s safety.

Find a building and construction supplies company in Australia, such as, that has buy-and-hire options, and has in-house experts who can guide you through the entire process, and refer professional services which can rescue your project.

Building a deck is a big home improvement project that can be quite intimidating at first, but with the right prep work, materials, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, you will be enjoying your new outdoor living space in no time.