Fun Times with Dentist! – 5 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Dental Checkups

Child at the DentistAs a parent, part of your responsibility is to teach your kids the importance of good oral hygiene. Educating them at an early age is the most effective way to protect their oral health. By the time they’re due for dental cleaning, you must also stay by their side to help them understand why regular visits are necessary. Here’s a guide to prepare your child for this encounter:

Keep Their Teeth & Mouth Clean

The moment the first tooth shows up, your kids are due for their very first dental checkup. During this period, your concern should focus on keeping their mouth and teeth clean. The use of a toothbrush is not until they have a few more teeth. In the meantime, gently wash their gums with an infant brush or washcloth. This is a good start for a healthy mouth.

Make the Learning Fun

Explain the importance of regular dental checkup through fun activities or role playing. This is a creative way to show them that dentists are not someone they should be afraid of. You may also demonstrate some basic procedures like making strokes with a toothbrush, so they’ll know what to expect on their dental schedule. To make it more convincing, you may show illustrations or images about the dental practice.

Talk & Explain the Importance of the Visit

Share as much knowledge as you know with your kids. A paediatric dentist in Louisville said that educating them about these things will significantly affect their views. Another thing every parent should remember is to avoid scare tactics. They said that this is the root cause of why most people are afraid of dentists.

Be a Role Model to Them

Children often copy what they see and observe from adults. This is why you as a parent should set a good example for your child. During your appointment, have your kids accompany you to see that dentists are ‘friends’ and they shouldn’t be afraid of them.

The stigma of dental checkups being a scary ordeal must disappear. By teaching them the significance of these things, you’re rest assured that they can keep their healthy and perfect smile as they grow.