Don’t Ignore Missing Teeth: Choose the Best Replacement Option

Single Tooth ImplantMissing teeth can affect both your confidence and quality of life. You may feel embarrassed to speak in front of an audience or try to hide your smile in photographs. You may also have restrictions in your diet, as you may not be able to chew and eat particular foods properly. Replacing teeth is of utmost importance to benefit your health, appearance, and well-being.

Dental implants are the best choice if you want a natural-looking smile. They are durable and stable and thus can restore your smile with artificial teeth that feel and function like the real thing. You will not have to worry about bone loss or falling teeth. Implants can last a lifetime when properly cared for and maintained.

Safety of the Surgery

Dental implants are a safe procedure when performed by a trained professional. The implant is usually made of titanium, which provides a strong foundation for the replacement crowns. Implants fuse with the bone through the process known as osseointegration. Knowle dental implant centres note that this particular process is what provides the implant’s strength and stability to perform the functions of natural teeth and withstand everyday use.

Fears about the Procedure

One main concern patients have is the discomfort in placing the implants and the healing time. The procedure performed by a trained and qualified surgeon is relatively painless. After the placement, it is okay to feel pain similar to other types of dental surgery, such as swelling of the face and gums. After the surgery, you may also need to eat soft foods while the implant site recovers.

Financial Concerns and Implants

Implants are more expensive than dentures, which is why many consider traditional dentures when replacing their missing teeth. The problem is, dentures may not be cost-effective over time, as they don’t last long enough. Wearing dentures may also result in bone loss, causing changes in your face shape and appearance.

If you want a long-term solution for missing teeth, choose dental implants. Be sure to choose a dental implant expert to learn more about the benefits, as well as things you can expect from the procedure.