Public Education in Utah: 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

school childrenAre you a new family living in Utah? Then, parents, this guide is for you. The country’s education system is comprehensive and confusing, and Utah’s is not exactly different. Nevertheless, this article will break down some of the details you need to know to help you plan your children’s education.

Where the Schools Stand

Fact: Utah’s education isn’t the best in the country, getting a C grade. A part of it may be the low spending of the state. A 2014 data by the US Census Bureau points out the state spends only $6,500 per student, which is significantly lower than that of the national average at $11,000 and a far cry from New York’s $20,000. If there’s any consolation, it’s that its performance has been getting better through the years.

Options Available

Like in many states, Utah has at least two popular options for public schools: district and charter. The state currently has about 100 charter schools while Salt Lake City has at least three school districts. Public middle or junior schools number about 169. At 22 students per teacher, the student-teacher ratio in the state by 2015 is higher than that of the nation, which is 16.5 students. This number, though, is lower than in 2012.

Literacy Rate

According to a 2013 Huffington Post article, the literacy rate in the country hasn’t changed over the last ten years. The good news is the state has one of the highest literacy rates at 90.4 percent, according to World Atlas. The graduation rate, meanwhile, is 83 percent (2012-2013), which makes it better than its nearby states such as Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona.

While the public school system in the country isn’t top-notch in the United States, it’s also getting better. If you wish to know more about public education, you can check out Salt Lake City high schools like City Academy under the charter program.