Maximising Limited Spaces

Space SavingAside from espousing minimalist sensibilities, some folk actually go as far as moving into what’s known as a ‘tiny home’. Here are a few tiny home inspirations that can help you maximise your own living space.

Not So Blank Spaces

One forgotten space is the internal space between walls. Internal cavity sliding doors can be a challenge to install post-construction. The space it can save you, however, may inspire you to try anyway. Alternatively, you can use folding doors to partition rooms or cover up storage spaces, an expert from Triline Quality Door Systems suggests. There’s no need to worry about how sturdy these doors are: because of their design, the hardware needed to install these types of doors are usually guaranteed to withstand heavy use.

Think Tall

When floor space is at a premium, walls are the next frontier. You don’t have to be afraid of the space looking cramped either. Thinking outside the box when it comes to your storage options can help make your wall storage more aesthetically pleasing.

Some examples are the creative use of magnetic strips to keep kitchen knives off the counter, and a system of towel racks and S-hooks to hang up cups and mugs. This way, they become as much a decorative statement as they are purposeful storage spaces.

Doubling Up

These can be more expensive than your typical furniture. The extra cost comes with the duality of the function of each piece. More often than not, these furniture pieces feature a spare storage. Other options can include hidden functions like a shelving unit that turns into a full-sized table or a work desk.

Some furniture of this type can be bought as stand-alone furnishing while others need to be pre-installed. For installed furniture, they’re often easily integrated into the room. There’s no need to worry about having to tear anything down. These will come in fully built and ready for attaching to the necessary surfaces.

Evaluate Your Needs

Sometimes, the most basic changes can already make a big difference. Choosing even just one of these options can contribute greatly to your effort to maximise your space. Check your lifestyle and your family’s needs so you can make the most of your effort.