Kaiser Foundation Aims Elevated Awareness on Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood EducationUS philanthropist George Kaiser believes that education among children as early as the first three years is crucial in providing equal opportunity for everyone.

Kaiser considers the right environment for adult-child interaction during these years to be a more important factor than genetics. No matter how strong-willed a person’s character seems to be, early childhood education still represents an important foundation, especially for those living in less fortunate scenarios, James Cook University Singapore points out.

Early Matters Dallas plans to host a conference in Texas between November 1-2 to elevate awareness on the matter. Kaiser will serve as one of the speakers to share his views on how early education addresses not just the state’s workforce issues, but also aid its economy.

Sending a Message

Kaiser established his foundation to support the cause of levelling the playing field in terms of formal education. He cited research in saying that the first three years of a person’s life is the key factor for a child’s cognitive development.

To achieve this purpose, he urged parents to be more active in being involved with their child’s mental development. However, Kaiser admits that early childhood education faces several challenges, including cost concerns and public support.

Same as Babysitting?

Babysitting is not the same as teaching children in the first few years of their lives, according to Houston-based advocacy group Children at Risk President and CEO Bob Sanborn. Instead, pre-kindergarten education helps bridge the gap of student achievement, he said.

The group said that Texas should conduct major improvements to a state-funded initiative that offers child-care assistance to low-income working parents.

The idea of educating children as early as possible may not seem to be a farfetched idea at all. By starting to guide them while they are young, we are ensuring that their future remains bright and on the right track.