Two Kinds of Memorabilia the Royalist Should Have in Their Collection

Gold Coins And BullionsIt appears that the British monarchy is the most followed among the 26 existing monarchies in the modern day. The Windsor dynasty has the support of many within and out of the UK; these supporters are often called royalists. If you must know, royalists are supporters of the monarchy, a certain monarch or of a particular royal dynasty.

The support given to the House of Windsor shows in various ways, one of the most visible being the collectable memorabilia which emerges during special occasions. It can be a Queen Victoria commemorative saucer or a cardboard cut-out of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or even one of Atkinsons Bullion’s sovereign gold coins.

Here is a couple of memorabilia you will surely find in a royalist’s collection.


Chinaware is the most famously used memorabilia for special occasions and celebrated events regarding the active members of the House of Windsor. These include bowls, coffee mugs, jugs, plates, teapots, teacups and saucers. Royalists also pay attention to decorative and limited edition chinaware released for a particular commemoration.

The range of chinaware you would find from the official royal collection include the following events: the Coronation, Her Majesty The Queen’s milestone as the longest reigning monarch and The Queen’s 90th birthday. Royalists collect chinaware depicting the coat of arms, the royal arms, and various royal figures as well.

Sovereign Gold Coins

Sovereign gold coins are another famous collectable for the devoted royalist. Before Britain adapted the Bretton Woods System, their currency was the Gold Standard. At the time, the gold coins were fully circulating. Currently, a sovereign gold coin has a nominal value of one pound sterling and is considered as a bullion coin.

A variety of British Sovereigns ensures that there’s one to attract every royalist. Some sovereign gold coins minted depict monarchs in various stages of their lives. These include Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, King George V, King Edward II and Queen Victoria.

There are many other memorabilia that a royalist would take an interest in, like never-before-seen photographs, tin cans, figurines, accessories and even wine. While you might find those in a royalist’s collection or invest in them yourself, chinaware and coins will never be missing.