Determining the Time for Specialized Memory Care Service

Memory Care ServiceA great number of misconceptions surround the memory-related condition known as dementia. Some have even begun to accept the term as a synonym for another common memory problem, Alzheimer’s disease. Although they have similarities, this does not necessarily mean they are exactly the same. Basically, Alzheimer’s causes a particular type of dementia, but dementia, in itself, does not mean the patient has Alzheimer’s.

It is important you know how to distinguish the two, as health care services for both, such as those offered by specialized memory care in Spanish Fork, focus on specific areas. Below you will find the most common symptoms associated with dementia.

Comprehension and speech difficulties

Diminishing ability to communicate normally is often an issue with people suffering from dementia. Some of them try to express themselves the best way they could, but their dementia results in the use of words that do not make any sense at all.

Some dementia patients also have the tendency to forget words – even the most commonly used ones – when they communicate.

Short-term loss of memory

People with dementia may have vivid memories of events and other details that took place many years ago. However, they have a problem recalling things such as events that took place very recently, even just a few minutes ago. Because of this, they tend to ask questions they have already asked multiple times.


Delusions become more prevalent as dementia continues to progress, although some people still at the early age of the condition may not exhibit this symptom at all. The worst thing about delusions is that those who develop it believe it with utmost conviction, even if there really is no truth behind it.

For those who have a family member showing these signs more and more frequently, it is time you consider having them taken care of by specialists in a reputable memory care facility.