Why more people are migrating to New Zealand

Migrating in New ZealandWho can say no to New Zealand? Best known for The Lord of the Rings and land of rolling hills, of milk, honey, and plenty, there are innumerable reasons to migrate to this country even without a love of landscapes.

Fortunately, aside from its beautiful, natural sceneries, the New Zealand government has enticed migrants to live and stay in the country for good due to the following reasons: 

  • Work-life balance

The country rates second in the world for work-life balance by the HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer Survey. According to the poll, New Zealand is the second most popular country for expats to live and work.

  • Family-friendly environment

The government boasts of its education system, recognised worldwide, and strong and affordable healthcare. New Zealand ranks the fourth safest country in the world by the 2015 Global Pace Index.

  • Safe and secure community

There are lower crime rates in the country as compared to other parts of the world. As pointed out earlier, the 2015 Global Pace Index rated New Zealand as the fourth safest country after Iceland, Denmark and Austria.

Interested migrants to New Zealand should consider the following when paying their immigration fees:

  • The fee that you pay depends on your country of origin or citizenship.
  • The fee payable at each office may also differ due to the exchange rates.
  • Some visa applications require payment of immigration levy. The levy is charged per application unless you are applying for a group visitor visa. However, you are exempted from paying this additional cost if you: 1) are a citizen of Samoa applying for resident visa; 2) are a claimant for a resident visa as a refugee or protected person; and 3) are applying for visa under the Special Category for Victims of Domestic Violence, People Trafficking.

Your payment of your immigration fee depends on the country where you submitted your application. Moreover, here is a recommended mode of payment by the New Zealand government:

A. For New Zealand applicants paying in New Zealand dollars, you may pay through:

  • credit card preferably Visa or MasterCard
  • EFTPOS for over the counter payments
  • bank cheque or bank draft

B. For applicants overseas

Since this is based on the different banking systems for every country, you may contact the nearest New Zealand immigration office or embassy in your country or companies offering assistance on the migration process of families or individuals to New Zealand.

This guide will pull you through the toughest spots – namely, filing the paperwork. After that, it’s all sights and sounds for New Zealand!