Simple Yet Exciting Activities You Can Do with Your Family Without Spending Much

Fun Activities To Do with Your FamilyKids love all kinds of outdoor activities. There are great outdoor games to get your kids outside without costing you a lot of money. Below are some easy yet fun ideas you can do with your family all season long.

Blowing bubbles

Small children love bubbles. You can make your own bubble at home and it is great for summer activity. Regardless of age, some kids tend to love watching, blowing and making bubbles. Teach smaller children how to blow bubbles and make sure to supervise them throughout all activities.

Color fight

This is a fun game that can be played by anyone at any age. All you need is color powder and goggle to protect your eyes. This is an ideal game for indoor activities. Not only it is easy and convenient, color fight is totally worth it!


For some kids who do not like action-packed activity, picnic is an ideal activity for them. Picnic is great during spring or summer, but some also preferred going picnic during the cold, cozy winter. Grab your thick blanket, hot cocoa, sandwiches, and stargazing with your family.

Mini scavenger hunt

This is not your ordinary, old-school treasure hunt. Take your kids to the beach and let your kids discover nature by exploring and hunting shells, crabs and rocks at the beach. Toddlers and preschoolers love to find things because it stimulates their natural curiosity. Give them a ‘nature jar” for them to put their collection.

Plant something

Planting does not have to be a summer activity; it is also possible to grow a beautiful plant during winter season. These winter leafy greens can grow throughout the cooler months. This activity can help teach your kids all about gardening and encourage them to explore the outside world.

These are just some of the outdoor activities you can do with your kids. You can still spend quality time with your family by doing simple everyday activities without too much planning or cost. What’s important is the time spent together.