Low Maintenance Bedding Plants for Your Garden

CalendulaBedding plants are ideal for spacious gardens, as they can serve as a partition from the grass and walkways. Many homeowners prefer to plant different kinds in their property, but their main concern is usually the maintenance.

Longacres Garden Centre noted that while flowerbeds are difficult to look after, there are low maintenance plants available for those who are only starting. Here are some of them:


More commonly known as Elephant’s Ear, this annual perennial plant gives off a fresh scent that can make your flowerbeds more inviting. Its flowers do not pick a season to bloom, so you can enjoy them all year round. They come in different colours — white, gold, yellow, orange, red and pink. They can grow up to 1.50 metres and spread about 0.90 metres in 10 years.

Linum (Flax)

This genus of plants may not have a scent, but the beauty of its flowers — available in blue and yellow — make up for it. It blooms mostly in spring and summer and prefers full sunlight in a well-drained, drought resistant loam soil. It is a good choice for cottage, gravel, herb, Mediterranean, prairie and rock gardens. It can grow up to 1.20 metres and spread at least 0.40 metres in 10 years.


More known as Marigold, this annual perennial plant is ideal for herb, cottage and Mediterranean gardens. Its flowers come in orange and yellow shades, which grow at least 0.70 metres in height. It likes to receive full sunlight on well-drained loam or chalk soil. Many see it as an ornamental flowering plant, but some grow it for its herbal qualities. It attracts butterflies, as well.

These are only some examples of low maintenance plants that you can have in your flowerbed. If you are looking for a specific colour or any particular characteristic, it is best to consult experts before making an order.